SYDNEY, N.S. -- For the first time in months, there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nova Scotia's Eastern Zone, which includes Cape Breton.

"Unfortunately, it's not a surprise," said Cape Breton Regional Municipality Deputy Mayor Earlene MacMullin. "We could all realistically see this coming."

Along with two cases announced in the Eastern Zone on Saturday, exposure notifications were issued for three Air Canada flights from Toronto to Sydney -- on Dec. 4, another on Dec. 2, and the other back on Nov. 18.

MacMullin says, although it's only a couple of cases, it's a bit of a wake-up call.

"I think by the announcement of a few cases, that will put that back in the forefront of people and the holidays are just so close, and we've done so well," she said. "We can still keep a handle on it."

Also on the weekend, the Best Buy location at Sydney's Mayflower Mall was identified as a possible exposure site back on Nov. 22.

That's now more than two weeks ago, but the mall's manager says he's preaching vigilance, now more than ever, heading into the busiest holiday shopping days.

"Our tenants do an outstanding job of trying to police people coming in," said Greg Morrison. "Just to make sure that they are abiding by the rules and that's all we can do in the end."

In recent weeks, the CBRM's new mayor has been in talks with other municipal leaders and First Nations chiefs on the island about stepping up precautions, but so far, it hasn't gotten to the point that they've felt that's been necessary.

"Preparations have been made if we do get to that point, but there's no direction," MacMullin said. "I mean, two cases right now isn't really what I would consider an emergency situation."

Late Monday, the Nova Scotia government announced two more cases for the Eastern Zone.

They say one is related to travel outside Atlantic Canada and the person has been self-isolating. The other is under investigation.