A volunteer firefighter whose car was stolen after he and his wife stopped to help some people involved in a collision says his vehicle has been found.

Isaac Smith and Brittany Smith -- who are both volunteer firefighters -- were driving on Thompson Road in the Oxford Junction, N.S., area Sunday afternoon when they spotted smoke coming from another vehicle.

“We stopped to get them out. They were still inside the vehicle,” explains Smith. “We triage them and I was on the phone with 911, getting fire, EHS, and RCMP rolling, and as I was on the phone with 911, the three occupants jumped in my car and they flee the scene.”

Smith says his blue Nissan Sentra was found in Amherst, N.S., Monday morning and is back in his possession.

The car sustained some damage and his wife’s purse is missing. Smith also says it appears the thieves were rolling joints inside the vehicle, as he found cigarette burns and traces of pot.

The vehicle’s licence plate – Nova Scotia VFF plate CZZ4 -- is also missing.

Police are still looking for the two men and woman who fled the scene in Smith’s car.

Despite the incident, Smith says he’s still going to stop and help whenever he sees someone in need.