A great white shark whose wanderings along Nova Scotia's Atlantic coast have made him an East Coast celebrity made a U-turn after appearing to be headed for Newfoundland.

Hilton tweeted late Thursday from a spot about midway between Cape Breton and Newfoundland, and suggested he might be headed for the easternmost province or the Grand Banks.

Then, on Friday afternoon, he tweeted again after heading back toward Nova Scotia:  "Hmmm...On second thought why leave a good thing behind right? Nova Scotia I’m headed back again to think about my next move for a second."

The 600-kilogram male shark was tagged by the research group Ocearch, which curates a charming, wry Twitter feed chronicling his movements as he migrates along the eastern coast of North America.

The group believes there is mating site off Canada's East Coast, and plans a Nova Scotia research trip later this month.

Hilton, who lingered last year near Mahone Bay, N.S., moved north after arriving this July, passing by Halifax and then Cape Breton this week.

His current trajectory has him potentially heading in a direction just south of the French-owned islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon and toward Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula.

"I've just got this itch to explore. @GWSharkGeorge went to the Grand Banks. @RockStarLydia traveled to Newfoundland. Maybe I should check them out too," Hilton tweeted late Thursday, referencing two other sharks tracked by Ocearch.

One Twitter user recommended to Hilton that he "Get screeched in."

Hilton's number of Twitter followers has been rising steadily -- he now has more than 43,700.