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Cellphone usage in New Brunswick classrooms will be limited to teaching, medical purposes


Teachers in New Brunswick will soon have the ability to oversee cellphone use in their classrooms and limit their use to teaching or medical purposes only.

A news release from the province Wednesday says a Department of Education and Early Childhood Development policy has been updated to be more stringent around cellphone use in classrooms.

“We have evidence that indicates we should limit cellphone use in classrooms,” said Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Bill Hogan.

“The clarifications we are making will strengthen Policy 311.”

The key changes to Policy 311 include:

  • At the teacher’s discretion, cellphone use by students is allowed in classrooms for educational reasons. During class time, teachers will have students place their cellphones in a designated area of the classroom on silent mode.
  • Students who use their cellphone for medical reasons, such as diabetes self-management, may continue to use it.
  • Examples of actions that could lead to student discipline are provided.

The New Brunswick government says the policy will take effect for the next school year. In the meantime, the province says the current policy will be followed.

The purpose of Policy 311 is to “define the minimum standards for appropriate use of information and communication technologies in the public school system.”

Current and new rules to Policy 311 can be found online.

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