HALIFAX -- There's soon to be a new brew on tap at North Brewing Co., and its roots are home grown.

"It's called the Cherry Brook Wheat. Cherry Brook, very local community and predominately Black community who has been there for a very, very long time," says Amber Zaza, a founding member of the Change is Brewing Collective, a group established to help people of colour tap into the region's brewing and restaurant industries.

"Young folks, especially folks like me, I didn't realize that this was an industry that I could see myself in, have a career in," Zaza says "It's just not marketed towards us."

Zaza says the lack of representation is a problem that can't be ignored. They're teaming up with Maritime breweries to promote diversity and inclusion -- for customers and within.

"Changing the environment in these spaces to be more welcoming to different cultures, changing the environment in the back of the house for the employees, changing things that they might need for people of colour to come in comfortably and not to be in these spaces as tokens," Zaza says.

The Cherry Brook Wheat is one of those collaborations. Proceeds will support the community that it serves.

"The can itself, the deer reaching for the cherries is a representation of our reaching, people of colour's resilience and strength to keep going forward," Zaza said.

An important step forward that's worth raising a pint.