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Charlotte County Pride parade caps off weeklong Pride celebrations


A little bit of rain wasn’t about to dampen any spirts in Saint Andrews, N.B., on the final day of Charlotte County Pride’s Pride week.

A weeks worth of events sprinkled throughout Charlotte County was capped off Saturday morning with a Pride parade down Water Street in Saint Andrews. Many of the around 100 residents marching were draped in rainbow flags and clothing to support Pride.

The parade concluded at Sherriff Andrews House Park with a Queer Market and barbeque, before an Elton John cover band took over the KIRA Amphitheatre in the afternoon to perform for the community.

Tracy Matheson is the acting vice president of Charlotte County Pride and was thrilled to see so many people come out for the parade despite the weather. She says in a world where hate seems to be more and more prevalent, it’s important to show love to all.

“Our community needs to be just accepted and included into everyone normal lives,” Matheson says. “We are teachers, doctors, politicians, cashiers, we are just like everyone else and we shouldn’t have to live in fear of who we are.”

She says events like the ones held by Charlotte County Pride along with open communications are the key to ensuring the LGBTQ2S+ community feels safe in any community.

She says the acceptance of LGBTQ2S+ members is exceptional in the small rural area of Charlotte County in Southwestern New Brunswick.

“They just want everyone to be happy and live their life,” says Matheson of the areas residents. “Because of our trials and the things that we have gone through we are stronger and it has taught us all a bit of empathy compassion and grace for other people. Today is proof that people are here and they are a part of our community and we aren’t going anywhere.”

Other events held during Charlotte County’s Pride week included a Pride disco party in support of the regions foodbank, various Pride-related films, and a special Pride edition of CHCO’s popular TV bingo.

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