A suspicious death in Chester Basin, Nova Soctia has put its residents on edge.

Emergency crews were called to 84 Borgels Point Road in Chester Basin at around 9 a.m. Friday. Inside the home, they found the body of 57-year-old woman. Policing are calling the death "suspicious."

Police aren't releasing the victim's name, but neighbours to the crime scene told CTV a 57-year-old woman named Vicky Buckey lived at that address with her teenage son.

"She was a quiet person, friendly though," said neighbour Joan Swinimer, "Whenever I saw her in the store she talked."

Buckley was a mother and a grandmother who had been working at a local grocery store for the past 6 months. Her coworkers say she was a hard worker who enjoyed her job.

People who live in the area say they can't understand why her life was cut short,

"It's a mystery," says Swinimer, "It's upsetting to know that something like this would happen in our neighbourhood."

Borgels Point Road remains cordoned off today as police and the RCMP major crime unit continue to investigate.

With Files from CTV's Alyse Hand