There was an unexpected winter wonderland for visitors of a New Brunswick campground over the weekend.

Point Campground on Deer Island offered some chilling excitement with a winter wonderland as part of their Christmas in July.

The attraction featured a hill covered in snow, where kids and adults could bring their sleigh and slide down.

"We are more of family-based campground, so we want to have activities for kids,” says organizer Emma Green. “When you are a kid, it's not fun sitting here all day. It's fun to sled, it's fun to have deep fried orioles, it's fun to have a pie eating contest."

Ice was donated by local lobster companies then formed into a pristine sledding hill at the campground for the annual event. Children took to the hill to get a taste of their favourite winter activity on a warm summer day.

Dana Maurice says it’s good for the kids.

"Children usually need a little excitement anyway to make them laugh harder,” she says.

This isn’t the first time where Christmas came twice for campers on Deer Island. Green says they started the event 10 years ago and tourism on the island is booming.

"We are seeing more people come out. People who have been coming year for years come out and say it's just gorgeous, you guys have done so much in just this one year,” Green says.

A couple young happy campers had some advice on how to avoid getting stuck while sledding down the hill.

“The safest way is to sit on your bottom because sometimes the snow can get into your face,” says eight-year-old Noah Calder.

His 10-year-old sister Lauren says, “Just don’t think about it and just have fun.”

Santa and his reindeer may not have made a trip to the island this time around but everyone got the gift of a second Christmas.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Mary Cranston.