HALIFAX -- A shoreline cleanup on Monday in Scots Bay, N.S., shone a light on the amount of debris along the province's coastline.

Although conditions weren't ideal on Monday, around 30 volunteers made their way to the Bay of Fundy to do their part in making the province a little bit cleaner.

"It's important for the kids to see all the beach litter and know that they can make an impact, however small it might be," said Vida-Mae Lantz, who volunteered with the cleanup.

"I go out when I can, I'll get about two or three hours and I'll get eight to 10 bags of garbage off the coast," said Eddie Simmons, who attended the cleanup on Monday.

Scotian Shores – a group focused on cleaning up Nova Scotia's coastline – organized the cleanup event.

"In seven months, we've collected over 17,000 pounds of garbage off the shorelines of Nova Scotia through our cleanup," said Angela Riley, the founder of Scotian Shores.

Riley says about 80 per cent of the debris they pick up is related to the fishing industry, especially along the Bay of Fundy.

Riley, who says she has a long line of anglers in her family, hopes her connection will lead to a partnership for future cleanups.

"We're really hoping to inspire more fishermen and more fisherwomen to come and start helping with cleaning up," said Riley. "Come join us, come help. We want the help; we need the fishermen to come help clean up the fishing gear."

Scotian Shores has two more cleanups already planned for next weekend – one in Ross Creek, N.S., and the other in Turners Cove, N.S.