They were out of sight, but they're not out of mind.

In fact there is concern Friday for a group of homeless people, who were forced out of a tent city in Moncton on Thursday

Some are outraged at the way they were moved and now concerned about where they've gone.

A few scattered belongings are all that’s left from a homeless camp near Moncton's West Main Street after six people were forced from a place they called home.

The group living in their tents say they woke up to orders from police to grab what they could and go. No one was arrested, but the group says they were warned that if they crossed the tracks to go back for their stuff, it would have been a different story.

“I think that's not right, because they weren't doing anything wrong,” said Douglas Stewart. “I knew the people myself.”

Stewart knows the feeling all too well. He became homeless after he and his wife split up and he now takes refuge in one of Moncton's shelters -- Harvest House.

Cal Maskery is Harvest House Atlantic’s founder.

“You always feel a little sad, because for that time, it's their home,” Maskery said. “But they can't stay in certain parts of the city and that's why we have shelter here.”

Maskery says with no fixed address, they're unable to receive a welfare cheque to get them back on their feet.

It was a different scene Friday as everything has been cleaned up and cleared out. One person who once called this place home, said all he wanted was to grab the rest of his belongings. He said he felt like the city was making homeless people more homeless.

Steven Valdron once lived on the streets in Vancouver. He was outraged by the news.

“People who had close to nothing now have absolutely nothing,” Valdron said. “There's no compassion for their loss.”

The belongings left behind were cleared by an excavator sent by the city.

In a statement, a spokesperson from City Hall said in part:

“This situation highlights the need for a multi-governmental strategy to address issues related to homelessness, mental health, addiction and lack of affordable housing.”

Those who were forced to leave say they're on their way to finding a new place to stay at least for now.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kate Walker.