ESKASONI FIRST NATION, N.S. -- People in Eskasoni, N.S., have plenty of questions and concerns following another case of unintended cannabis consumption.

A four-year-old girl was hospitalized after eating chocolate containing THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis.

It's something people in Eskasoni can't believe has happened twice in less than a month.

"I think we look pretty amateur, man, when it comes to the cannabis man, out here, if kids are getting sick and being sent to the hospital," said Christopher Bernard.

Last Friday, a number of children and adults at an elementary school tested positive for THC after eating a molasses cake at a catered school event.

RCMP say the latest incident involving the young girl -- and a piece of chocolate -- happened Tuesday night.

Police say she was taken to hospital by EHS.

While the two incidents sound similar, the Mounties say, at this time, it doesn't appear that they are connected.   

"The two investigations are separate," said Nova Scotia RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Lisa Croteau."They're not related."

It's led to a lot of conversation in Eskasoni and beyond about what more can be done to keep cannabis away from kids -- especially when it's being added to sweet treats and baked goods.

"They do like candies, and cakes right?" said Chief Leroy Denny. "So that's the only thing the public is talking about, right? In the debates."

It has prompted the Mounties to issue a reminder to parents or people who have cannabis edibles in homes where there are children.

"Lock them up," Croteau said. "Put them in a secure area where kids -- and pets as well -- don't have access to them."

CTV News tried to contact the parents of the little girl who ate the piece of chocolate, but weren't able to reach them by news time.

Others we spoke with say they know how they would feel if something like this happened to their child.

"Oh, I'd be pissed," said Bernard. "I'd be pissed."

The RCMP say their investigations into both incidents are ongoing.