WINDSOR, N.S. -- Concerned residents are looking for solutions to avoid another massive fish kill on Nova Scotia’s Avon River.

Thousands of dead fish were found along the river’s shores, near Windsor, N.S., in late May.

Fisherman Darren Porter says the fish became trapped in pools of shallow water during a stretch of warm weather. He said the shallow pools developed because water was being held back by controlled gates.

“It was the perfect storm to kill fish,” said Porter.

Danny Peach, an area resident, said images of the dead fish may end up being a turning point in trying to find a solution.

“Now they’re building a new causeway and we're trying to get fish passage once again up the Avon River,” said Peach.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans tells CTV News Atlantic that low water conditions may have played a role, but it is still trying to confirm that.

DFO says the tidal gates are operating now and that will help to prevent any more fish from becoming trapped. The department also says the twinning project on Highway 101 will be subject to federal legislation to allow safe fish passage.

“We want them to get the politics out of this and we want to deal with an evidence based decision,” said Porter.