A drag performance artist who has in the past portrayed Anne Frank in one of her acts is scheduled to perform at an upcoming Halifax Pride event, sparking backlash online.

Trixie Mattel is scheduled to perform at Halifax Pride’s Laugh and a Half Comedy Show in January.

Halifax Pride confirms there's been concern over past performances by Mattel.

"Halifax Pride became aware of a video this weekend and understand it's causing distress for some members of the Jewish community,” Halifax Pride chair Morgan Manzer said in a statement. “We appreciate this being brought to our attention and take these concerns seriously."

The group also said it's difficult to see members of their community upset and are still looking into the matter.

CTV News reached out to the Atlantic Jewish Council, who said they trust Halifax Pride is doing the right thing.

"We have a very warm and positive relationship with Halifax Pride and the Halifax LGBTQ+ community, and we know they intended no offense against our community in hosting this entertainer,” said Naomi Rosenfeld, executive director of the Atlantic Jewish Council in a statement.

“We have respectfully shared our concerns with Halifax Pride, and they have taken them very seriously. Our hope and expectation is that the show will include nothing offensive to our community or anyone else."

LGBTQ+ activist Kevin Kindred says it's good to talk about art and performances, and how it makes people feel.

“I think this is a performer who's done thousands of performances, one of which seems to be in very poor taste. But I also think that artistic freedom is really important to the queer community. So I really hope that we don't start shutting down artists and performers just because they occasionally cross the line,” says Kindred.

Halifax Pride says it only became aware of this over the weekend and Trixie Mattel will not portray Anne Frank at the Laugh and a Half Comedy Show.