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Convicted N.B. killer denied parole after review; sister of victim 'absolutely shocked'

Patrice Mailloux is pictured. (Correctional Service of Canada) Patrice Mailloux is pictured. (Correctional Service of Canada)

The man convicted for the 1987 murder of a Moncton, N.B., teenager has again been denied parole after a request to review his case.

At a hearing back in December, the Parole Board of Canada denied Patrice Mailloux’s parole application.

The 69-year-old asked in February to have that decision reviewed.

Mailloux was convicted of killing 16-year-old Laura Davis in November 1987 during a robbery at her family's convenience store in Moncton.

Laura’s sister Brenda Davis told CTV News Monday, she was quite upset after receiving word Mailloux appealed last December’s decision.

“I really thought that they would end up giving him day parole,” Davis said. “So when I saw the phone number on my phone the other day, I was nervous to answer it, I thought for sure she was going to tell me that they had granted him day parole.”

In last week’s decision, that didn’t happen.

“I was absolutely shocked that they upheld their decision from December,” she said.

Several factors went into the latest decision by the appeals division of the Parole Board of Canada including Mailloux’s credibility.

“We were surprised at the decision in December as we assumed they would give him day parole, but what they had to say about him did not put him in a good light as his behaviour has not improved nor has his trustworthiness,” Davis said.

In 1988, Mailloux was sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole for 20 years for the shooting death of Laura Davis.

He was granted day parole in 2016.

In September 2022, Mailloux breached his conditions of release, being unlawfully at large for three weeks.

His parole was revoked as a result.

“There's really no reason for him to get out of prison.” Davis said. “He has proven time and time again that he can't be trusted, and that all of these years in prison he has done little to improve himself.”

According to Davis, Mailloux has another day parole hearing in December.

Victims and families of victims are allowed to monitor parole proceedings either online or in person.

Davis says her family, including her mother who is in her 80s, would like to attend the Quebec hearing.

“We are hoping for it to be in person in December as online hearings are extremely difficult,” she added. “Sometimes it's hard to hear them and for my mother being hard of hearing, it is hard for her to take in what is being said.”

Mailloux’s full parole eligibility will be reassessed in 2028.

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