COLE HARBOUR, N.S. -- What started off as a weekend stroll at the beautiful Salt Marsh Trail in Cole Harbour -- now has a maritime couple searching for a very important piece of jewelry.

"In late afternoon we got back to our car and just in and went home like normal and a couple hours later my husband realized he didn't have his wedding ring on his finger, so he thought it must have come off taking his gloves off," said Kimberley Hicks.

Hicks believes the ring was lost near the main parking lot, which leads to the trailhead, sometime before 4 p.m. on Saturday.

The couple searched the trail -- but so far, hasn't been able to locate the ring.

"It's a man's silver ring," Hicks said. "It's kind of boxy looking. It's got a knot design kind of with a black inlay in the middle and it's inscribed in the back with a family clan motto: my hope is constant in thee."

Hicks says the ring isn't valuable -- but is sentimental to the couple, who got engaged a year ago last summer in Scotland and they bought the ring in Edinburgh.

"We just got married this July," Hicks said. "We waited a long time to get married for one thing. Where we got got engaged is where my husband's ancestors left Scotland to immigrate to Canada. Right in that exact spot in the western highland coast, so all of it kinda came together so it means quite a bit."

The Salt Marsh Trail is one of the most popular trails in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Hicks is hoping that someone who was on the trail yesterday may have found the ring and can help them get it back.

"There were quite a few people here yesterday and quite a few cars still in the lot when we left, so we are hoping somebody picked it up," Hicks said.