A young Nova Scotian has earned national recognition for starting East Coast Lifestyle, a popular clothing brand that proudly represents Atlantic Canada.

Acadia University student Alex MacLean founded the clothing line for a classroom project. After about a year in operation, MacLean has sold over 250,000 products.

“East Coast Lifestyle is a brand that I established for East Coasters to wear,” said MacLean.

“It started at Acadia University with 60 snowboard hoodies for snowboarders and they really promoted the brand to build it.”

MacLean has been named this year’s Student Entrepreneur National Champion by Enactus Canada, the country’s largest student leadership development organization.

He beat out hundreds of other Canadians for the title, for which he received a $10,000 cash prize and took home the John Dobson Cup.

“Alex embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that built this country,” said Enactus Canada president Nicole Almond in a statement.

“He has not only built a business, he has built a brand that people really connect with and there is unlimited potential for further growth.”

East Coast Lifestyle clothing can be purchased online and in stores throughout Atlantic Canada, and even in Fort McMurray, where many Maritimers seek employment.

Well-known Maritimers like Sidney Crosby, Nathan MacKinnon and Classified have been spotted sporting the popular brand.