PEGGY'S COVE, N.S. -- Just a few days after it was announced, plans for a multi-million-dollar boardwalk and viewing platform at Peggys Cove are getting a reception as rocky as the cove itself.

Critics say there should have been more consultation and believe the proposed structure will actually ruin some of the scenery at the site.

Even on a day when there's hardly anyone around to see them, the waves at Peggys Cove can be spectacular.

Growing up in Truro, sisters Peggy Pippy and Laura Armstrong say have always been drawn to the  Peggys Cove and visit as often as they can.

These days, though, planned developments at the iconic site have both predicting rougher waters ahead.

"It's something that, once the concrete structure (is) built on it, will never be the same again," Pippy said.

Officially announced Friday as part of a multi-million-dollar Peggys Cove master plan, a massive new viewing deck is in the works, something officials say will increase "safety" and "accessibility."

"There’s around 40 people who live in Peggys Cove, and they welcome around 700,000 visitors each year. In our work, we focused on the 40," said Jennifer Angel, the president and CEO of Develop Nova Scotia.

But, not so fast, say the sisters, who launched a Facebook group opposing the plan over the weekend.

They say parts of the structure will actually block part of the view and there should have been more consultation.

"If we allow 40 people to make the decisions for all of Nova Scotia on our heritage and our tourism, then the government hasn't done their job," Armstrong said.

For its part, the province says there's been a lot of good feedback, and there was wider consultation,

But, it's still willing to listen.

"If there's means to mitigate this, or if there are concerns we can make adjustments towards, then we will do that," said Peter Bigelow, the VP of planning and development for Develop Nova Scotia.

The sisters are pleased the province is willing to listen.