HALIFAX -- Good Morning! Here is what we’re working on for Monday, March 27.


At 7:15 a.m., committee member Kristi McKee of the Burg Classic joins us to share the details on their upcoming 10th anniversary recreational hockey tournament taking place at the end of the month in Lunenburg!

Then at 7:45 a.m., we'll chat with executive director Sherri Robbins of the Blue Nose Marathon to get the details on the upcoming race and we'll share a preview of the new artwork for this years marathon shirts! 


At 8:15 a.m., we're getting spring book recommendations from author Chantel Guertin who also has a new book hitting shelves this season! 

Finally, at 8:45 a.m., our partner and lifestyle contributor Taylor Kaye returns to the show to share with us her top spring mom hacks


Start your morning off the right way with Ana Almeida, Amanda Debison and Lataevia Beezer.

Join us starting at 7 a.m.!