HALIFAX -- Good Morning! Here is what we’re working on for Tuesday, May 30.


At 7:15 a.m., we'll speak the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables to bring you the latest updates on the wildfires taking place within the Maritimes. 

Then at 7:45 a.m., founder and president Jay Gosselin of Discover Year joins us to share the details on the new gap year program being offered to young adults. 


At 8:15 a.m., Ana Almeida will check in with Maritimers that have had to evacuate their homes due to the wildfires across our region.  

Then at 8:45 a.m., we'll chat with photojournalist Darren Calabrese about his new book, Leaving Good Things Behind.


 Start your morning off the right way with Ana Almeida, Amanda Debison and Lataevia Beezer.

Join us starting at 7 a.m.!