Happy Tuesday! Our CML crew returns to bring you the latest in local news, weather and entertainment plus these informative guest segments for June 2:

It’s National Dairy Month! At 7:15 AM, we’re heading to Jewell Dale Farms on PEI to learn more about the day in the life of a Maritime dairy farmer. Then at 7:45 AM, we’ll find out how the gradual easing of COVID-19 restrictions is affecting local businesses in the Halifax area.

In our second hour of CTV Morning Live Atlantic, it’s time for Pet Talk! At 8:15 AM, we’ll hear from a local Greyhound rescue group that’s switching gears and focusing on a different type of breed in response to the pandemic. Then at 8:45 AM, it’s time for our weekly workout with Move East. This week, we are focusing on a mobility workout that can easily be incorporated into your everyday routine.

Ana is off to Aerobics First to find out how to get fitted for sneakers during the pandemic, and also get some ideas on how to ease back into running. Katie Kelly returns with a look at what’s #TrendingNow plus the top entertainment headlines of the day. We’ll also reveal the responses to our daily Quaran-tale Question. 

Amanda brings us the day’s top news stories, while Ceilidh provides current weather conditions across Atlantic Canada at the top of every half hour. Brew your coffee and join us starting at 7:00 AM!

See you then!