Over the last 5 days, rain gauges in the Sydney area recorded more than 150 mm of rain.  Earlier this month, more than 100 mm of rain fell in parts of southwestern New Brunswick. North Cape is in at over 100 mm as well.  I think it’s safe to say that we do not want any more rain. 

That doesn’t seem to matter ...there is more rain coming.   For most of us, it will hold off until Sunday night, but it’s likely going to start by late afternoon in the SW corner of our region, the push eastward.

Right now the low is developing over Kentucky. It’s expected to swing off the coast south of Cape Cod Saturday evening.     

There will be some wind with this system:   E to SE G40 km/h as the rain picks up, with a shift to the NW G40 on Tuesday, behind the rain. 

So, who’ll get what Sunday night to Tuesday morning?  

New Brunswick:

The highest totals will be over the SW corner of the province: 50-60 mm from Grand Manan to Saint John up to Fredericton.

Elsewhere, totals should fall in the 20-30 mm.  


Nova Scotia

Again, higher numbers should be found across southwestern regions, along the south shore on to Halifax:  40-50 mm.

The Valley and northern mainland will likely receive 20-30 mm.

The eastern shore numbers should be in the 15-20 mm

Cape Breton gets off easy with 10-20 mm.   I expect Suetes Winds to blow Monday with gusts over 100 km/h.


Prince Edward Island

Because the low will sit off the western tip of Nova Scotia, the rainfall won’t be significant on the island:  10-15mm.

Wind will be a factor though: SE G60 km/h. 

Again, stay tuned for the very latest. A slight change in the track will shift the band of heaviest rain!  I’ll have the very latest for you tonight on CTV News



Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day