We live in quite an interesting region.  The temperature swings can be wild.  That’s been the case this week.

On Tuesday, record highs were set across in all 3 Maritime Provinces; early this morning, record lows.   In fact, there were reports of frost in eastern Nova Scotia and eastern PEI.

The coldest official temperature was set in Collegeville NS just after 5:30 this morning.  There the mercury dropped to -1.7.   Collegeville is about 35 km SW of Antigonish.  It was 0.5 in Upper Stewiacke and -1.2 in North East Margaree.  It was 0.9 in Dover, not far from Murray River PEI. 

It’s also important to remember that these official temperatures are taken  1.5 m above the ground.  Cold air is heavy and settles close to the ground.  So it was most likely even cooler than these temperature indicate.  There was a good example of that last night.  The low in Middle River NS was 1.0, but Jim Freyler says they did indeed have ground frost.

Is that the end of it?  Not quite.  We’re in for one more cool night in and around the same area tonight. Frost advisories are in place for Pictou, Antigonish and Guysborough counties as well as for all of Cape Breton.

With mostly clear skies and light winds, temperatures will drop to near freezing away from the coasts and in low lying areas. Under these conditions, the coldest temperature comes a few minutes after sunrise.  Before going to bed, cover up or water your more delicate plant material.

Water? It sounds counterintuitive but it works.  When water freezes, it releases heat.   So, if your plants have a thin layer of water on them that freezes, it actually helps keep them warmer.


Give it a try… better safe than sorry!


Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day