Welcome to August…the last month of meteorological summer.  It’s off to an amazing start, especially if you’re on vacation. 

When Grandma turned the calendar page, she made sure she had a pencil hanging on the little nail.  Grandma believed it was very important to count the number of “fog days” in the month.  Why you ask?

According to Grandma, there is a correlation between the number of foggy days in August and the number of winter snowfalls!  That number would tell you how many snowfalls we can expect in the winter.

A “fog day” is defined as a day with fog – that limits visibility to less than 1 km and persists for several hours.  And there’s more:  a dense fog signifies and heavy snowfall.   Fog does become more likely in August: the nights grow longer and summertime humidity levels are still very high.  

I have one more August weather saying for you, but you might not like it:
If the first week of August is unusually hot, the following winter will be cold and snowy.
As strange as this sounds, this one has a decent accuracy rate.  

There is no scientific basis for this weather saying. Still it’s fun to keep track of the weather folklore!  Gather the kids around, get out a real paper calendar, a pencil and you’re off.  I want to hear from you at the end of the month.


Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day