At noon today, the centre of a well-defined weather system is just west of Chicago.  The size of this storm is not our biggest problem, it’s the track it is expected to take.   A blocking offshore high will force the low up and over the Maritimes; that’s going to pull lots of warm air into the system and that always spells trouble in the winter. 

As temperatures aloft -high above the ground - warm up with the approaching low, cold air will remains trapped close to the ground.  When rain falls into the cold air, a number of things can happen.  If the air mass is deep enough, the rain has time to freeze into ice pellets.   If the wedge of cold air is shallow, the rain cools and becomes super-cooled (liquid below freezing) and freezes  on contact when hits cold objects, like you steps and the roads. 

Some of us are not expected to get an extended period of freezing rain while others will:


New Brunswick:

Edmundston, Campbellton and Bathurst:   Ice pellets, very brief period of freezing rain after sunrise.

Miramichi:  3-4 hours of freezing rain; starting around 8 am

Fredericton: 5-6 hours of freezing rain; starting by 5 am

Saint John:  2-3 hours; starting 4 am

Moncton: 4-5 hours; starting 7 am


Nova Scotia:

Yarmouth and south shore:  2 hours; starting midnight

Annapolis Valley:  3-4 hours; starting 5 am

Halifax and eastern shore: 2-3 hours; starting 4-5 am

Northern mainland:  4-5 hours; starting 6 am

Cape Breton:  1-2 hours; starting 10 am.


Prince Edward Island:

Charlottetown:  3-4 hours; starting 8 am.

West PEI:  4-5 hours, starting at 8 am


Please keep in mind that these times are “start times” for the freezing rain.  Snow begins from west to east this evening, well ahead of the ice mix!

I’ll have the very latest time-line and snow totals, tonight on CTV News.


Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day