The Easter weekend is steeped in tradition, both religious and secular.  When I was young, we spent a lot of time in church and a lot of time in the kitchen.   After a long cold winter, people seemed to come out of hibernation and gather and share a meal or two and a few good stories.  Despite the hectic time, Grandma made a point of looking out the window at 4 o’clock Good Friday afternoon.   It was important to know what the wind direction was at that exact time.

According to legend, the wind direction at 4 pm Good Friday was an indicator of the kind of summer we might expect.

If the wind was from the south, it would be a warm summer. 

An East wind meant it would be wet. 

A North wind was a sign that the summer months would be cold.

A West wind indicated a dry summer.


So, did you happen to notice which way the wind was blowing at 4 pm on Friday? 

Let me tell you: without exception, the wind was from the north across New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  So if Grandma is right, it looks like summer will be a cool one.


Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day