It’s no secret that everyone loves to talk about the weather.   When I meet someone on the street and they bring up my favourite topic,  I never know if they know who I am and they’re looking forward to an educated answer or if they’re just making  small talk.

Yesterday, I met a woman walking her dog.  She commented on the weather and asked if it had ever been this nice in September.

We have had a lovely month, but the word nice is very subjective.   For some it was too dry and for others too muggy, so I’ll let you decide.

Here are the average temperatures and rainfall totals as they compare with normal values, for our three capital cities:


                                   AVERAGE TEMP/NORMAL                             RAINFALL/NORMAL


FREDERICTON                         16.8/13.1                                                44.8/94.5


HALIFAX                                    16.6/14.1                                               142.1/92.7


CHARLOTTETOWN                 15.4/13.6                                                  73.9/95.4


To no one’s surprise, September was a warm month.  Anywhere from 2.0 to 3.5 degrees above normal.   That’s almost unheard of. 

It’s interesting to see how the rainfall totals played out across the region. It was drier in New Brunswick than it was in Nova Scotian or PEI.   If the Halifax rain total seems high, you might recall that we got 60 mm of rain on September  28th

October is off to a lovely start… enjoy!


Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day