It might be wrong to “live for the weekend” but the truth is many of us do.  So many events take place on the weekend.  In the summer, those events are more often than not outdoors.

So, the pressure is on for sunny weather.  As you know, I can’t control that, but I can do my best to break down the forecast in such a way that you are ready for whatever it is Mother Nature throws our way.

Here’s an overview of synopsis of what’s going on:

As of midday Friday, a cold frontal trough stretches from Labrador City, to Miramichi, to just south of Fredericton and down to Cape Cod.  There’s an area of low pressure at either end of that line. 

Meanwhile, a large quasi-stationary high sits offshore and another is pushing in from the central Great Lakes.

Today’s frontal line will trigger some afternoon showers as it becomes re- energized by the heat from the sun, but dry air sinking down from the high will reduce the available energy.  Because that line is being blocked by the offshore systems, it will pull northeastward.  Therefore, showers are more likely across SE New Brunswick, over PEI, northern mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton.  

A wedge of dry will slide in behind it; Saturday will be fair with some cloud but it should remain dry.

Late Saturday, the southern low that’s south of Long Island NY this morning, will travel along the trough stalled offshore.  Rain off the backside of that high will brush the Atlantic coast overnight Saturday and slowly pull away by Sunday morning; we could get 15 mm or more overnight.  Those showers could linger over Cape Breton Sunday morning.

In a nutshell:  After today’s cold front pushes through, the weekend weather looks lovely across New Brunswick and PEI, but a little more unsettled along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia late Saturday into Sunday morning. 

Keep in mind …should the coastal low shift one way or another, the edge of the rain will shift as well.

Join me for the very latest tonight on CTV News at 5 and 6.

Tune in, then plan accordingly.  Be safe and have a great weekend.


Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day