The rain that rolled in on Monday was beneficial for some, but not for everyone.  Water levels are high across most of New Brunswick and with more rain coming, the situation is only going to get worse.

Our weekend rainmaker has pushed out of New Mexico and now sits over central Texas.  By Friday morning the centre of the low should be just south of the Lower Great Lakes.   With this system, we should not focus on the centre of the low, but instead, on the wrap around moisture -hundreds of kilometres ahead of it.

Saturday morning, when the rain really shifts into high gear, the low will be between Ottawa and Montreal.  Perhaps over my parents farm in Bainsville J

As the weekend goes on, the system travel up into central Quebec thanks in part to that blocking ridge I talked about yesterday.  A trough extending from the low will keep clouds and showers over our region on Sunday.  But that’s won’t be the end of it.  By Monday morning, a secondary low will form at the tip of the trough – just offshore.  Rain will start up again late Monday into Tuesday.

So, who’ll get what from Friday night to Tuesday morning? 

New Brunswick:

The highest totals will be over the western half of the province:

50-75 mm for the NW, climbing to 75-90 mm in the SW.

Totals should range from 35-50 mm for the east.

The heaviest rain will fall on Saturday.


Nova Scotia

Again, higher numbers should be found over the western half of the mainland: 50-70 mm;

In the east, including Cape Breton:  30-50 mm by Tuesday night.

Again, the heaviest rain will come on Saturday.


Prince Edward Island

Total rainfall to Tuesday evening:  30-40 mm.

There is a silver lining though: with some sun and a nice dry breeze, water levels should subsid before Mother Nature opens up the tap Friday night.

Again, stay tuned for the very latest. A slight change in the track will shift the band of heaviest rain!  I’ll have the very latest for you each night on CTV News



Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day