I hope you’re not tired of hearing me say this, but there is so much beauty out there.  Every season offers a different look at things. Getting off the couch to explore is more than worth it!

That’s exactly what John Reid of Maccan Nova Scotia did when he ventured off to Nappan yesterday.   He came across something that looked more like a work of art than thinning ice.

He captured some amazing photos of the late February sun dancing off sharp shards of ice!

The process involved has a name: it’s called stacking. When the winter has been mild and the ice is thinner than usual, the stacking phenomenon can occur.  As the ice begins to thin, onshore waves break up the ice and push it into stacks that resemble large shards of glass on the shore. A late day land breeze then takes the broken pieces of ice away from shore, and creates a glistening treat for those who venture out!


Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day