Because I’m a farmer’s daughter, I know two things: all the “farmer’s daughter” jokes and… if it doesn’t rain, we don’t eat!

Seriously though, I do realize that this is a big weekend for outdoor events,  perhaps the biggest of the year, so I’ve laid out a detailed synopsis of how I see things unfolding:



Canada Day:  You will be between systems:   fair with some morning fog followed by a mostly cloudy and muggy day. You might be treated to a little bit of sun.  The next system will move in overnight with showers holding off until after midnight. The wind won’t be much of a factor: from the east 15-20 km/h.

Sunday:  Cloudy with showers ending between 11 and 2 pm depending on where you live.  You might even need sunscreen later in the day.  



Canada Day:  The area of low pressure will sink southeastward as the day goes on.  As the rainmaker pushed off the coast, the morning rain will taper to showers…most of us should enjoy a dry afternoon. The evening will be dry in terms of rain, but there could be some drizzle with coastal fog after sunset.  The wind should remain light to moderate from the SE at 15-20 km/h.

Sunday:  Cloudy with showers ending around the supper hours;  earlier in the west... another BBQ?


Canada Day:

Some fog to start the day with a few scattered morning showers… then a mix of sun and cloud for the afternoon.  The wind will be from the northeast at about 15 km/h.   

Sunday:  A cloudy but dry start to the day; showers will start up by noon and the wet weather will linger into the evening.



Canada Day:  The weather looks quite nice for the birthplace of our Nation:  clouds with some fog to start the day…then a mix of sun and cloud through the afternoon.   High near 20 – don’t forget to pack sunscreen.   It will be a lovely evening for music and fireworks.  The wind will be light from the SE at about 15 km/h.

Sunday:  Cloudy with showers starting up around 9 am; they should be over by 6 or 7 pm.  A lovely evening will follow.

Monday will be quite nice everywhere; the unsettled air mass finally leave our region.  It will be replaced by a fair weather system… sun and cloud for everyone!

I hope you have a wonderful Canada Day weekend, and remember, Grandma Says:  “ it’s only rain, you won’t melt!”


Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day