You heard me say this before: weather is a little bit like real estate; it’s all about location.

Last night’s storm tracked north and west of us, pulling warm air into a cold air mass. That resulted in a mixed bag of weather, a southwesterly circulation and eventually, very mild temperatures. 

Tomorrow’s system, oh let’s call a spade a spade, tomorrow’s storm, is going to stay offshore.  That means the warm air stays south and east of us, the winds blow from the northeast and we get snow: lots of snow.

New Brunswick:

North:  10-15 cm - starting late afternoon to evening east.

Central:  20 cm- starting early afternoon

South: 20-30 cm – starting around noon.


Nova Scotia:

Mainland: 20-30 cm – starting just after noon in Yarmouth, 3-4 pm central regions.

Cape Breton: 20-30 cm; starting around 6 pm.


Prince Edward Island:

20cm - west;   25-30 cm east  - starting 6 pm.


Thankfully, the storm is not expected to linger.   The snowfall event will last between 8 & 10 hours; clearing from west to east very early Friday morning.

That's how things look right now.   Again, it’s very important to stay with CTV News for the very latest on this developing storm.


Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day