Some of us were lucky enough to get some rain overnight and this morning.  A system travelling off the Atlantic coast brought rain and fog to SW New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI.   Parts of western Nova Scotia received 25 mm of very welcome rain while residents of PEI didn’t get much more than 5 mm.  New Brunswick could have used some moisture; it’s been the driest province this summer.

With a week left in the month, I thought I would tally up the rain totals for June and July and compare them to the normal rainfall for those months.  Here’s a look:



June +July 2017:            91.5 mm       Normal:  175.7 mm



June +July 2017:            192.3 mm     Normal:  200.5 mm


June +July 2017:            121.2 mm     Normal:  179.4 mm



June +July 2017:            154.6 mm     Normal:  179.0 mm


Some of you might be surprised to see Halifax’s numbers so high!  They are a bit misleading;  more than 100 mm of that total fell in the first 8 days of July.

It’s easy to complain when it rains in the summer, but all you have to do is look west, to the forest fire situation there, to be reminded of how import it is to get a balance of sun and rain in the summer!


Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day