So it’s another wet one, but it’s May and we’re no strangers to liquid sunshine here in the spring.

We can expect bands of moisture to continue to move across our region today, ending from west to east overnight.  After that, with the exception of a few showers over northern New Brunswick, we’ll get to enjoy a few days of dry weather. What I see unfolding for the weekend does not bode well if you live near a swollen river or creek. 

Right now, a fairly harmless area of low pressure is developing over Yuma Arizona.  It’s expected to reach the lower Great Lakes by late Thursday.  That’s where things start to go downhill.  The advancing low will be held from any further eastward progression by a ridge connecting a high pressure system over Greenland and another east of Bermuda. 

By Friday morning, the low will become quite a rainstorm just south of Lake Ontario.  Rainfall totals could be as high as 60 mm in the Ottawa Valley Friday into Saturday morning. 

While the centre of that low will not reach us, the moisture in a trough wrapping around the stalling low will bring rain to the Maritimes through the weekend.   By Monday, the low will have no other choice than to track northeastward.  The trailing trough will then bring more rain to our region early next week. 

If I had to put rainfall numbers on our weekend forecast I would go with 50 mm or more for western New Brunswick and SW Nova Scotia.  30 to 40 mm for mainland Nova Scotia and 20-30 for Eastern NB, PEI and Cape Breton.  

As the trough pulls through Monday and Tuesday, we could easily get another 20 -30 mm everywhere, more depending on the convective nature of the cold front.

Keep in mind the weather system is in Arizona right now; timing and tracking could change, so remember to check with CTV News for the very latest!

See you tonight…

Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day