Not a fan of the cold?  Wind chill of -25 a bit much for March?  Well, it’s going to get much warmer but the transition to that warmer air comes at a cost.  A warm front currently just west of Toronto, will slide over the region tomorrow night.  That sounds lovely expect for the fact that the front’s timing is less than ideal.  The leading edge of the front will bring a brief period of snow and ice pellets.  Then, as the warmer air invades the region, cold air will remain trapped close to the ground after sunset Tuesday.  The rain from above will fall through that wedge of cold air and freezing on contact: freezing rain!  Right now it’s difficult to say how long the freezing rain will last, but it does look like a 4 to 6 hours event, especially over central and northern New Brunswick.

The warmer than normal air mass will be around until Thursday.  After that, temperatures will drop again.   

Now cold is not always a bad thing; at this time of the year, it comes with lots of sunshine.

For example, on this date in 1997 in Moncton, it was milder with a high of -1, but it snowed a little: 62 cm worth!

Careful what you wish for…


Cindy Meteorologist

Cindy Day