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Hope your week is going well and you’re able to stay on top of your meal planning.

I actually made a turkey on Monday, my day off; it’s working as a great way to fix leftovers and makes a delicious and hearty turkey soup.

I want to discuss lunch meal planning with you – it’s not something that’s always easy to plan, because in reality, do you know what you’ll be hungry for at lunchtime while you prep the night before? Not always.  And I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve skipped out on my lunch and gone out and bought something simply because I wasn’t craving what I made the night before – bad idea.  I wasted food, and probably spent $15.

It’s a habit I’ve had to work on, and fortunately I’ve been able to find ways to make my healthy meals taste really good.  That makes a big difference, get excited about your food!  Once that happens, you’re on the right track for positive change – weight loss and living the best version of yourself.

Let’s take a look at the lunch recipes that food coach Anna Townsend and I prepared to share with you.  They’re simply, delicious and won’t break the bank.  I’m excited already!

Here’s how I like to make salads fun and delicious, using mason jars!

salad jar

Mexican Salad Jar:

Layer the ingredients in this order.

-2-4 Tbsp of Salsa (feel free to add a TBSP or sour cream too)

-1/2 cup Brown Rice

-1/2 cup Black Beans

-1/4 cup sweet corn -veggies of choice (pepper, tomatoes, onion)

-add a green leafy of choice I suggest romaine for this dish

-Add the lid and shake it up when you are ready to eat!

Protein Power Salad Jar:

-dressing of choice (homemade vinaigrette, tahini or hummus is best)

-1/2 cup of cooked quinoa

-1/2 cup of chopped protein of choice (tofu, chicken, hard boiled eggs)

-1/4 cup of mushrooms, broccoli 

-1/2 cup Spinach

-Add a lid and store, grab and go!


I’ll be the first to admit it took me a while to get on the salad bandwagon, but these recipes really spice it up and make it more enjoyable. 

There’s no doubt, by eating this way I have so much more energy.

As I mentioned last time, I’m always looking for new meal ideas so feel free to contact me, I love hearing from viewers.

Have a fantastic week!

Happy cooking!

Suzette :)