Dalhousie University is looking at rescinding the honourary degree given to a Canadian child rights advocate sentenced this week to 16 years in a Nepal prison.

Peter Dalglish was convicted of sexually assaulting two boys under the age of 15 near Kathmandu.

The chair of the university senate tells CTV News the convictions are deeply disturbing and the senate is working on a process for revoking honourary degrees.

In a statement, Kevin Hewitt says:

“We are anticipating this work will be completed and approved by senate in the fall, at which time the matter concerning Mr. Dalglish will likely be considered.”

Dalglish was widely recognized for his work helping vulnerable children around the world.

He has maintained his innocence and is appealing his sentence.

The 62-year-old is also an Order of Canada recipient and a Dalhousie law school graduate.

He received an honourary degree from the school in 2008 for his “visionary work helping children around the world.”