Dartmouth's Mic Mac Mall has people patrolling its parking lots to ensure no pets are left unattended in hot cars.

Halifax police continue to receive a high number of calls about pets left in cars on hot summer days, prompting the mall to implement a pet patrol.

The patrollers are tasked with combing the parking lot while searching for pets locked in vehicles.

“The first step they’ll take is to try and assess the condition of the animal in the vehicle,” says Staff Sgt. Lindsay Hernden with Halifax Regional Police.

He adds that if they spot a trapped pet, they’ll try to open a door to offer the animal some relief while they contact the owner. If they’re unsuccessful, police could be called in.

“I think it’s a great idea,” says shopper Julie Bourdreau. “We just got a new puppy at the end of May and it’s nice to have them with you, but a parking lot on a hot day is not the place for pets.”

Pet Patrol will continue at the mall until the fall.