Progress is being made on the future of a prime piece of property on the Dartmouth waterfront, but it remains to be seen whether the plan includes a stadium.

The abandoned military housing at Shannon Park will be demolished starting this fall, following a public consultation and planning process.

Shannon Park has been vacant since 2004 and Halifax Mayor Mike Savage says he would like to see it gone.

“You know, I’m tired of driving over that bridge and looking down and seeing buildings that are condemned,” says Savage.

Chris Millier, the real estate director of Canada Lands Company, says a timeline has been established to demolish the 40 buildings on site.

“Demolition, I’m hopeful, will start later in the fall and likely carry through well into 2016,” says Millers. “There’s a lot of buildings.”

First the city will consult the public to determine what should be done with the property, with the first meeting scheduled for this month. A technical evaluation and market research will also be conducted.

“And then have it finalized and move forward to formal consideration by HRM early in the new year,” says Millier.

But he admits formal approval could take up to 18 months.

“If it brings us through to 2018 I wouldn’t be surprised,” says Millier.

“I’d rather get it right than get it fast,” says Savage.

The property offers a unique development opportunity, with about 35 hectares of land, ocean frontage, and close proximity to the MacKay Bridge, a highway and a rail line.

Four hectares of the land belong to the Millbrook First Nation.

“It is important for us to make sure there’s compatibility between the use of the two properties,” says Millier.

“The focus right now is to work with HRM and the planning committee to look at what type of development is suitable to their needs and our needs,” says Millbrook First Nation Chief Bob Gloade.

While nothing has been confirmed, Savage says it’s no secret that he would like to see a stadium built at Shannon Park, and he has an ally in Gloade.

“If a stadium comes to that location, that would be ideal,” says Gloade.

“I think what we want at Shannon Park is good development,” says Savage. “That could include a lot of different things. That could include a stadium, it might not include a stadium.”

Gloade says he would also like to see a condominium development on the waterfront.

Detailed engineering is years away, but there will be visible changes at Shannon Park starting later this year when the buildings start coming down.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Rick Grant