Identical twins Marie and Meaghan Wright are ready to take Canada by storm.

While in school, the 23-year-old recent university graduates from Dartmouth started their own video production company. Now they’re planning a cross-Canada trip in an RV to showcase young entrepreneurs.

“We're ready to tell a bigger story, so we invite you to join us as we journey across Canada,” said Marie Wright.

They are shooting a documentary called The Social Shift, which will document young business owners and entrepreneurs who are as interested in more than just profits.

“The loose definition of social enterprise is that it's a business that exists for the purpose of social, cultural or environmental impact, and the majority of profits go back into the mission,” said Meaghan Wright.

The twins are hoping their effective use of humour will help them complete their project. They say they’re able to find the humour in just about anything, including Marie's near death experience in October 2016.

"Essentially I fell down a hill. Pretty bad tumble. I broke my C1, C2, my C6 and C7,” Marie said.

Marie spent five weeks in hospital and three months in a halo, which became the subject of one of their videos.

“Beyonce basically wrote a song for me,” said Marie. "Literally people come up to me and they are like, 'How's your sister's neck?' I'm like, 'Her neck's fine, look at my neck.’”

Joseph Qiqut-Huyer is another collaborator on The Social Shift project. He says the twins will keep him on his toes.

"There's a lot of energy and if you don't bring your 'A' game you're definitely going to be taking a back seat," said Qiqut-Huyer.

The trip is supposed to last six weeks, but the twins say they aren’t banking on it.

“We are going to end up being on the road for a year, knowing us. Once you get us going, you can't stop,” said Marie.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Jayson Baxter.