HALIFAX -- One organization in Halifax is doing its part in making sure nobody goes hungry this Easter.

When the Souls Harbour Rescue Mission serves up seafood chowder, they get compliments in return.

"You’re awesome, thanks chef!" said one client as she took a bowl.  

This is the second Easter they’ve offered their services during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the owners of Souls Harbour say their numbers have tripled since then.

"We try really hard to let people know that we love them," said Michelle Porter, CEO of the mission. "That we get to know a little bit of their story – whatever they’re willing to share with us. That’s been really challenging over the past year."

For many who visit Souls Harbour, it’s essential.

"I don’t know where I’d get my next meal if it wasn’t for places like this," said client Aimee Redding. She says buying a good meal just isn’t something she can afford right now, and the pandemic has been hard on her financially.

A group of volunteers cook, tidy up the kitchen, and make sure things run smoothly – six days a week.

"We’re the disher-uppers!" said one volunteer as she cleaned up a counter in the kitchen. "We do whatever is needed."

They serve food downstairs, and offer some amenities upstairs – this weekend, handing out stockings full of necessities.

This Easter weekend, due to COVID-19 gathering limits, meals are to-go only. While clients can’t sit together and enjoy their meals, the feeling is still the same.

"We come and meet each other six days a week," said Marion Gibson, a client. "So we’re just like family."