MONCTON, N.B. -- There are a lot of different requirements to remember for travellers hoping to take advantage of loosening restrictions around the Maritimes.

If you're hoping to cross the Confederation Bridge in either direction this summer, be prepared to spend some time in front of your computer first.

Anyone hoping to head to Prince Edward Island this summer needs a P.E.I. Pass.

"The instructions for doing the P.E.I. Pass are quite lengthy," said Peter McDougall of Wheatley River, P.E.I. "I think you have to scroll down like two full pages to get through it all."

Now that border restrictions are loosening across the Maritimes, McDougall is hoping to travel to Fredericton to see family.

Despite being an Island resident, public health rules require him to apply for a P.E.I. Pass to return home.

"It's not the problem of getting into New Brunswick. It's a problem of getting back into Prince Edward Island," McDougall said.

He says he was asked to provide photos of his driver's license, health card, and proof of vaccination. He was hoping to hit the road in the next 10 days, but he's still waiting for approval

"Now, I sit and wait and of course that's a little bit nerve wracking because we desperately want to go," McDougall said.

Taylor Gavin works in Nova Scotia, but is hoping to travel back home to P.E.I. next week.

"You need certain requirements, so then it's like 'OK, do I qualify for this date or do I go to the later date because I'm not essential?" Gavin said. "But I have my vaccine, now I have two vaccines, but it's just all over the place I find."

Charlottetown Mayor Philip Brown hopes confusion with the pass will be short-lived, but says he appreciates the level of precaution his province is taking.

"Its better to be safe than sorry, and every precaution that we can take to keep us in a safe position and keep the community free of any cases whether they're new variants or new mutations of this COVID-19 pandemic," Brown said.

But Gavin worries the difficulties could keep some visitors off the Island.

"I hope there isn't long border wait times, and I hope that people can easily go to where they want to go to to see their family and friends without saying 'I don't have time to sit for three or four hours at the border.'"

The P.E.I. Pass comes into effect on June 27th.