The Cape Breton SPCA is looking for a special home for an equally special dog.

Tanner is a 3-year-old Shepherd mix who lives with a brain injury,and not just any home will do for this canine.

“He’s a really good boy,” says animal care worker Kenzie Ley. “I just love him to death and he’d make anyone happy, any home happy and complete.”

Staff at the SPCA say the only noticeable effect of his injury is a habit of walking in constant circles. In one area outside the shelter, Tanner has walked so many circles that he’s worn a path in the grass.

“Other that that, he’s a pretty normal dog,” says animal care worker Marcy Burton. “He loves to play out in the yard. He likes to swim too, actually.”

Tanner loves to take walks and always goes full steam. Staff at the shelter believe this might also be another effect of his injury, they say he needs owners that can keep up with him.

“He needs a higher energy place,” says Burton. “Lots of places to run, so he can do his circles and just to have a family that can take the time to give him special attention.”

Adoptions at the shelter have been slow so far this summer. The dog kennels are filled to capacity, with 33 more on a wait list to get in. Still, staff remain optimistic Tanner will find a new home that is the right fit.

If he finds that new home, Tanner will be greatly missed at the shelter.  He’s helped young caregivers learn valuable lessons early in their careers.

“He’s made us look at everything differently,” says Ley. “When he does his circles, we just let him do his thing, but we love every animal we have here, disabilities or not.”

Tanner arrived at the SPCA after being neglected at his first home, but staff are hopeful his second home will be filled with love and affection.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Ryan MacDonald