HALIFAX -- A messy and savoury meat lovers treat is now the official food of Halifax.

The decision to adopt the donair was made by regional council in a close 8-7 vote Tuesday, with Mayor Mike Savage casting the deciding vote.

The vote followed a rousing online and public debate prompted by the original motion tabled by councillor Linda Mosher in October.

Savage says although naming the donair the city's official food wasn't a big issue for him, he decided to vote in favour.

"I think it's a fun thing," said Savage. "A lot of people like the donair, so why not?"

Savage said the symbolic gesture was quickly dealt with following the presentation of a staff report.

Donairs are wraps that are closely related to the Greek gyros.

They feature finely ground beef, mixed with bread crumbs and spices topped off with a sweet sauce. The thinly sliced meat is served in a pita, often with diced tomatoes and raw onions.

Detractors maintain Nova Scotia is also known for its seafood and lobster in particular, but Mosher previously defended her motion saying those dishes are not unique to the province's capital city.