HALIFAX -- Donations are coming from around the Maritimes after an appeal from the now-closed Cherry Brook Zoo in Saint John, N.B.

After 46 years in operation, the zoo closed permanently last week, and began searching for new homes for about 70 animals.

The process is expected to take months because of restrictions at border crossings across the country.

In the meantime, the zoo still has a monthly bill of about $25,000 to feed the animals.

Zoo officials say in just one week, $5000 has been donated including lots of donations from Nova Scotia.

So far, other facilities elsewhere in Canada have agreed to adopt about three-quarters of the animals.

"It's just been nonstop on our end," says Martha McDevitt, the Cherry Brook Zoo's executive director.

Part of that process involves Canada's Accredited Zoos and Aquariums, the organization better known as CAZA.

"What we've done so far, we've actually helped them and reached out to our other 29 accredited zoos across Canada and have asked them if you can take any of these animals," said Jim Facette, CAZA's executive director.

McDevitt said some zoos have already offered to adopt some of the animals.

"We've had about 14 or so of our species out of our 34-35 different species, so 14 of those have been, they've asked us, we can take these animals," McDevitt said.

In a statement release April 30, the zoo says the COVID-19 pandemic has placed the facility “under severe financial pressures.”

“The uncertainties of this pandemic prevent us from executing a new strategic direction for the Zoo, to provide a sanctuary and rescue for animals that need a permanent home,” said McDevitt.