Rising waters are having a significant impact in the small village of Dorchester, N.B.

There have been no reports of damage to properties but flooding has blocked one of the main roads to the community, resulting in long commutes for people trying to get in and out.

Since last Wednesday, water has been flowing over a section of Route 106 connecting Dorchester to Memramcook. The road is the quickest link from Dorchester - a village of 1,100 people - to Greater Moncton.

Residents now have to go to Sackville, and then backtrack to Moncton.

“Which then adds about a half an hour onto travel time, with extra travel time and all that,” says village councillor Robert Corkerton.

“We’ve got no gas station here so we have to go out of town for gas and it’s shorter to go to Memramcook then Sackville,” says resident Paul Spence.

School buses haven’t been running either. Some students in the village are travelling 45 kilometres further each way to get around the flooding in order to get to school.

The road closure is also having an impact on some of the 350 people who work at the Dorchester Penitentiary, many of whom live in the Greater Moncton area and commute back and forth to work every day.

MLA Mike Olscamp said in a statement that Canadian National is making repairs to a culvert, which should help bring the water levels down.

But area residents say those repairs should have happened long ago.

“Not important enough,” says resident Paul Spence. “My views are, if it was a road into the casino in Moncton, it would have been fixed a long time ago.”

The section of the road is in a flood-prone area. It was also closed in January due to flooding. Other other parts of the road are also partially blocked by water.

“We know that they’re down trying to pump the water out, but as far as getting it fixed, haven’t heard anything,” says Corkerton.

The province says school buses will be back on the road by Wednesday at the latest, but won’t be travelling through the flooded area.

Once the water subsides, the road will have to be inspected. The New Brunswick Department of Transportation says the road could be closed into the month of May.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Nick Moore