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Double weekend theft hits N.B. car dealership: 'This is devastating and it’s got to stop'


With an empty lot outside his office window in Cocagne, N.B., Rick Cormier is left shaking his head on Monday morning after thieves stole six of his vehicles over the weekend from his used car dealership lot.

“As soon as you drive into my driveway, I’ve got a big light that turns on there, one in the corner, one in the front and it didn’t deter them,” he said.

Early Friday morning he says someone broke into his office and stole the keys to all of the vehicles that he had for sale and shortly after, they had managed to steal five of his cars completely.

“I don’t usually deal with cars over $15,000 but there’s such a high demand for the Honda civics so I had two of them. I was quite proud of my inventory, getting ready for the spring… but that’s gone.”

Back in December, Cormier installed an entire security system after someone came onto his property and cut the catalytic converter out of his Toyota Tundra.

However, despite having cameras himself, the thieves disconnected his entire system on Friday morning.

Luckily, they were still caught on camera by the neighbouring business.

“We got broken into pretty bad about four years ago and then we had a real security system installed, but then I did put a couple of extra cameras that detect people so I get the alert on my phone,” said Mario Goguen, the owner of Adrein Goguen & Fils Service.

While Cormier isn’t his business partner, the two do work closely together and Goguen says since they’re from a small down, everyone tries to support each other.

“It’s super frustrating,” he said.

“The amount of energy we put to just keep everything we have not to get vandalized or anything, it’s probably the most frustrating part.”

A photo of Rick Cormier of Rick's Motor Mart. (Alana Pickrell/CTV News Atlantic)

Cormier says he reached out to the Shediac RCMP detachment when he realized what happened on Friday morning and was told that there would be extra officers in the area.

He also says he was able to disconnect all of the remaining cars so that they wouldn’t start, except for one, which unfortunately, ended up being stolen on Sunday morning when the thieves came back.

“It comes down to the court systems. The laws. These people, these thieves, they get away too easily,” said Cormier.

He says that he’d like to see changes made within the criminal system.

“This is devastating and it’s got to stop. You hear people, their garages, their sheds are being broken in, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, everything. The thieves are out there. They’re stealing. So what more can you ask of the RCMP? They’re so busy, so I don’t know what can be done,” he said.

“All I know is that if you catch a guy stealing, increase the punishment. There’s got to be some kind of a deterrent for these people to think twice before they do something.”

As of Monday afternoon, two of the six stolen vehicles have been found. Cormier says one was left back near his lot on Sunday morning after Cormier and Goguen showed up and the other one was found in the Moncton area.

“Unfortunately the car is damaged severely, there’s dents all over the place, but they were able to find some goods in the car that hopefully they can get some finger prints,” said Cormier.

The vehicles included a 2016 Honda Civic, a 2013 Subaru Impreza and a 2008 Toyota Tundra truck.

Cormier is celebrating three years in business this coming July.

“You asked what’s going to happen with Rick’s Motor Mart, if I can’t, if my insurance company can’t help me out of this I’m going to have to shut doors and this is my retirement, my pension, so… it’s tough,” he said.

CTV News did reach out to Shediac RCMP for more information and to see if any arrests have been made, but didn’t hear back by publication.

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