HALIFAX -- A new drive-thru flu shot clinic in Moncton drew large crowds for its first two days of operations.

The new drive-thru clinic located at the Jean Coutu on Mountain Road welcomed hundreds of New Brunswickers looking to get their flu shot over the weekend.  

Pharmacist Monte Steeves administered the shots to drivers passing through.

"Oh, it's just been great. It's easy, they talk to you, everybody's pleasant," said flu shot patient, Neils Hansen.

The clinic held over the weekend saw approximately 500 patients each day.

"Well, it was a little bit of a long wait but other than that, it's okay," said flu shot patient, Walter Wagner.

"Taking a bit of prevention is a whole lot better than getting sick and especially with Covid going on, you just don’t want to risk it," said Jason Forster, who took advantage of the drive-thru flu shot clinic.

"With all the fear about the pandemic, we thought it'd be safe to take recommendations from the medical people that are speaking," said Rob Whittaker, a flu shot patient at the drive-thru.

Steeves says the drive-thru clinic was supported by public health and a preventative measure for flu-like symptoms during what's already been a busy time for health professionals.

A team of around five people managing patients and paperwork helped make the new drive-thru possible.

"We just had to bring a mask, our medicare card, and we have to fill out paperwork when we get here," said Donna Donovan, who used the drive-thru clinic over the weekend.

Steeves says if he can get more flu shots, and the weather permits, he hopes to have more drive-thru flu shot clinics in the coming weeks.