MONCTON, N.B. -- A Moncton woman with Stage 4 cancer has one last wish -- to take a ride in a red convertible.

However, despite the best efforts of a Good Samaritan who understands her family’s pain, her wish may not come true.

Margaret Davidson was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer four weeks ago and given only a month to live.

She’s now in palliative care, and her only wish is to go to for a spin in a red convertible.

“When I was 13 years old, we always made a joke, and my mom promised me that she would get me a red convertible,” says Margaret’s daughter, Jennifer Landry. “Through the years, I would always make the dig that I’m still waiting for my red convertible. So when I knew she got sick, we had tried to make arrangements for her to get out for a day.”

Eric Redmond, a friend of Jennifer’s, posted on Facebook to see if anyone who owned a convertible would be willing to fulfil Margie’s wish.

When Mike Friedel saw Redmond’s post, he didn’t hesitate to respond.

“I have a special connection to it,” explains Friedel. “My wife passed away 10 months ago of cancer, and I said, ‘Anything I can do for these people, I’m going to do'."

Friedel hoped to take Margaret for a ride around town in his souped-up red Pontiac GTO convertible last Friday, in what he called "a sign from heaven from his wife."

“I believe my wife co-ordinated it. Monique was her name. She would be so proud of me right now,” said Friedel.

But while the ride was given the green light by Margaret’s doctor, New Brunswick public health guidelines prevent Margaret from leaving the hospital during COVID-19.

It's sad news for all involved, but her family is still grateful for Friedel’s kind gesture.

“She was amazed,” says Jennifer Landry. “I showed her a picture of the convertible and she was absolutely shocked, that we didn’t even know who Mike was, and he was someone who had shared the same experience with his wife passing as well. It was a sense of healing for both.”

“It brings out the humanity in people. With everything that’s going on, to actually have people wanting to help and step out of their way to reach out and do this. It’s unbelievable,” adds Eric Redmond.

They’re now hoping restrictions will be lifted, so Margaret’s dream can come true.