There’s an early Christmas present from Nova Scotia to the Queen and one of her loyal subjects.

A section of highway has been renamed in honour of her majesty, thanks to the request of someone who’s admired the monarch for decades.

Olive Pastor’s life-long fascination with the Queen began when then-Princess Elizabeth visited Charlottetown back in 1951.

I was really small so a policeman pushed me right out,” explains Pastor. “I was about this far from the wheels of the car, and I could see her really good. She was in the glass top car.”   

From then on, Pastor was hooked on the Queen and the Royal family.

A few years ago, as the Queen’s jubilee was approaching, Pastor knew she wanted to do something very special.

“The Queen is getting older,” says Pastor. “It’s getting to the point where we’re not going to see her probably very much at all anymore and maybe not at all.”

Thanks to Pastor, Highway 106 is now the Jubilee Highway.

It’s an eleven kilometre stretch of road that links the main highway to the P.E.I. ferry, and also includes the Pictou causeway along the way.

Northumberland ferries are closed for the season, but when the service resumes again in the spring, the Jubilee highway signs will be among the first seen by visitors entering the province.  

The provincial government says the dedication recognizes her majesty’s many years of service and commitment to our country.

Motorists CTV News spoke with like the idea.

“I think it’s great,” says motorist Morgan Anderson. “Recognizes our history, it’s a very good thing. “

“I think it was a very special occasion, this jubilee” adds motorist Brenda Chisholm. “And to mark it with that sign is awesome.”

“It feels good that you did this,” says Pastor. “It’s just like a living memorial to her. Even when she’s gone, the road will be here.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh