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Efforts to remove aggressive coyotes in Cape Breton Highlands National Park complete: Parks Canada

Parks Canada says it has concluded its efforts to locate and remove aggressive coyotes from Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Highlands National Park, after two separate incidents where the animals behaved aggressively towards people.

The agency says staff spent three days trapping and patrolling, which was prompted by an incident on Sept. 6, when a cyclist was bitten on the arm by a coyote.

“This action is unusual, and indicates the animal had been habituated and lost its natural fear of humans,” said Adam Young, a public relations and communications officer for Parks Canada, in a news release Thursday.

In all, three animals were put down by either Parks Canada or RCMP, after incidents at MacKenzie Mountain and Green Cove.

While officials can’t be certain these are the same animals that chased and bit people last week, they say it’s highly likely.

“Parks Canada is confident in this assessment and believes the area to be safe, although visitors are asked, as always, to be cautious when enjoying the outdoors,” said Young.

Several trails on the east side of the park that had been closed are now re-opened. Visitors are reminded to be cautious when encountering wildlife, and report any aggressive behaviour to Parks Canada.

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